Pii Pn or OE exceptions Microsoft Outlook Error. These errors are caused by some factors, which we’ll be discussing below. This error may generate in some instances and can be pretty frustrating to fix the problem for those who experience it.

How do I get rid of this error? What causes these errors? While there is no surefire way to avoid them entirely, you have a few options available:

What Are Pii Pn Errors?

Pii means personal information which is any data that identifies you, such as your name and address. PII can be revealed by a number of mix-ups like sending the wrong email to another person or overwriting someone else’s attachments with yours!

Pii Pn (named after the letters from its three parts) or OE exceptions Microsoft Outlook Error is a programming issue with an email program’s capability to interpret information about recipients, fields, messages size limit. This type of problem typically arises if you have not configured your settings correctly for outgoing emails.

What Is [Pii_pn_c0e0be628b653fb1d7b4] Error Microsoft Outlook And Why Does It Occur?

The pii_pn error is an Outlook error that can occur when sending an email out to a recipient. The primary cause for this, in most cases, is PII_PN settings or exceeding your allowed number of recipients. These errors are caused by the Email server rejecting the email because it’s too large and you have exceeded your allotted amount of messages sent consecutively without taking any breaks (or tiny ones) betweens them

Security is a major concern for many enterprises, which often put limitations on the number of recipients or message size in order to prevent spamming and malicious code from getting out.

Outlook email erros

What Does One Mean By Error Pii_pn_c0e0be628b653fb1d7b4 In Email?

You’re more than likely familiar with the error message “pii_pn_c0e0be628b653fb1d7b4”. If you see this, it means that your email has exceeded either recipient name limits or message size limitations set on the server. This is a problem for all those involved to solve and should be sorted out by web servers administrators as well as emails administrators.

What Happens When Outlook Error Pii_pn_c0e0be628b653fb1d7b4 Occurs?

When you see that your message has been rejected by the server, make sure to check if it exceeds either recipient name limits or message size limitations set on the server. This is often done out of security concerns such as preventing spamming and malicious code from going through onto all our devices inside enterprise networks.

If you see this error while sending a mail, don’t worry too much about it. It may be something that was solved already without your knowledge because webmail often fails to send emails after an automatic retry limit is reached – but not always true for email servers with custom configuration settings (i.e., Gmail). You will have to contact whoever manages the company’s or school’s internet connection and ask them what caused this problem so they can fix it as soon as possible.”

Hacks To Fix Error PII PN C0e0be628b653fb1d7b4 Microsoft Outlook Errors?

Fix [Pii_pn_c0e0be628b653fb1d7b4] outlook email error

#1: Reinstall Microsoft Outlook Application On Your PC

You need to be a business user with an Office365 subscription if you want to connect from home. If that’s not the case, then contact your IT administrator for assistance and they’ll walk you through reinstalling Excel on your system.

For Windows Mail – Uninstall any previous versions of Office 2016 and restart your PC. After installing the latest version, you may need to restart Outlook for it to work properly again.

For Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac – To be able to enjoy Office 2016, follow these steps: Uninstall and Reinstall Office; Delete the old installation folder completely (i.e., ~/Library/Containers); After installation, exit MS Word to finish changes; Restart your computer or just quit Outlook if you can’t restart it anyway.

For Windows Live Mail – The first thing you need to do when troubleshooting Outlook is uninstall and reinstall the latest release of Office 2013, as well as any trial version installed prior. Start by deleting all previous versions of office programs including any trial program from Control Panel > Programs & Features > Select Old Versions tab then click on the Uninstall button next to each respective product (Outlook). After installation restart your computer twice before starting Outlook app.

For other All Windows, follow these in order:

  • You must be an administrator to use this command. You need input from the user, who needs admin permissions in order for you to enter commands like “net stop outlook.”
  • In order to avoid having any old data sitting around, it’s best to delete the installation folder entirely. Right-click on it and select “delete” from the context menu or type in terminal “/bin/rm -rf /Users/(your username)/Library/Containers/” followed by your password when prompted.
  • After completing these steps, if you are not using Windows Live Mail then follow the instructions for other windows.
  • Uninstalling Office 2016 Click-to-run should take less than 30 minutes, but trial versions could take more time due to various factors. The amount of time it takes depends on how well the owner configured OSX settings

#2: Restart Or Shutdown Your Pc

  • To fix pii pn errors is to restart or shutdown your pc.
  • If you are having problems with Windows Live Mail or any other software, and restarting your computer does not fix the issue, give today’s caller a call!
    Shutting down your computer should be done only if you are experiencing a more severe issue with Pii pn errors. This will erase all of the data on your hard drive and hopefully fix any issues that may have arisen from it.
  • The steps for fixing any Microsoft Outlook error is first to try following these:
    Closeout all programs before opening up Office 2016 Click-to-run ;

As soon as you click “yes” to make sure your account is safe, do a quick check in the notification bar. Make certain that no one else has access to it while trying to resolve any problems and confirm that internet is on.

Fix [Pii_pn_c0e0be628b653fb1d7b4] errors

#3: Update To The Newer Version Of Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft’s new update for Outlook is out and it’s essential that you have the latest version of Office 2016 Click-to-run Update: KB3231847.

#4: Try Changing Server Port Number

  • Because its common for the server port to be blocked by a firewall or router
  • Change your port number in Windows to something like 80, 110 or 443. This should fix the issue with Outlook syncing and crashing on a regular basis;
  • The data port can be set depending on your personal preference and needs: 2526, 465 (SSL), 1943 or 1968. If you still experience error messages, then it may mean an issue with the ISP provider in their settings.

You will need to contact them about this problem precisely if so; Change Server Address because the IP address may be blocked by your ISP’s firewall or modem. This will automatically fix most of the errors encountered due to problems with access permissions granted.

#5: Remove Duplicate Accounts From Microsoft Outlook And PC

  • It seems that the most common reason for these errors is a network connection. If your email account settings are set incorrectly or you have an Outlook profile with low security, this may cause problems too!
  • Once you open Outlook, select File > Info and then look at Account Settings. You will be able to see all other email addresses listed here—just right click each address and hit Remove from Folder option for a manual way that’s very effective in some cases if not all.
  • MS Office 2016 or 2003 has a Junk Mail Options window that enables you to change what types of messages should be considered spam. For instance, if emails from your friends are being labeled as junk mail then it might be time to revisit the “enable” settings and make some adjustments.

Error Pii_pn_c0e0be628b653fb1d7b4 Occurs

#6: Fix The Issue Via Control Panel

  • Control Panel -> Users
  • Select “New User” to create a new Outlook profile for the user. When you click on New User, it will ask if you want to copy settings from an existing account, and this is where you select Mailbox Store to also be copied. The next step is choosing your username and password of course! Type in first name, last name etc., then choose whether or not we would like it saved as our default email when prompted by clicking Finish.”
  • Now, when the window opens up again, you will see that there is two profiles listed. One with your old inbox (if any) and another listing as Temporary Profile which lists all of your emails stored in Current Mailbox Store.

#7: Reconfigure SMTP And POP Server Settings

  • Select a new profile from the list and click properties. Click on Server Information, change the POP server to “other”. Fill in incoming mail (POP) with pop server, outgoing mail (SMTP) with SMTP server then submit changes when done!
  • Click OK then Next.
  • So, if you’re going to be using Outlook on your mobile device or tablet and want to use a Microsoft Exchange server for syncing messages across devices, don’t come back here.
  • The question will not appear as an option when asked again in the next step of this process. But before we can move forward with that choice it’s time now for another important security measure: deleting any e-mails containing PII (personal identifiable information) left behind by errors during data migration!
  • Just select all such emails from Junk E-Files folder one last time right click each message individually then delete them off screen–We’ll know they are gone because there should only be two folders remaining after doing so; One labeled “Inbox” and Another labelled.

#8: Use SCANPST.Exe To Repair PST Documents For Microsoft Outlook.

  • “If you want to fix a damaged and corrupted MS-Outlook file, then try using the Scanpst tool which can scan your archive for errors or problems in just one click! If it is found that there are any issues with these files (such as missing messages), this will be shown within seconds on screen.”
  • Here are a few tips to help you fix any Microsoft Outlook issues that might be causing an error message about messages not being delivered.
  • Remove all email address from the Safe Recipients List in your settings and close and reopen outlook, then try rechecking your settings for these issues again.