Fix [pii_email_871d10e8b9086c9eeb35] Outlook Errors

One of the most common causes for Outlook error [pii_email_871d10e8b9086c9eeb35] is when there are two accounts with similar email addresses. This can happen if you swore to never get a new Yahoo account again, but then realized that your old one was an outdated mess and needed updating! We’ll talk about how to fix this problem so it doesn’t come back later on in the article – just keep reading as we break down all the different ways these pesky little problems arise.

You may need to delete your old email account because of a change in services. To do this, click on the “Tools” tab at top and select “Account Settings.” Selecting option called Change e-mail address or password will help you with deleting an unnecessary account as well as input new data so that there isn’t any confusion about what’s going where.