The importance of restrooms in restaurants

The importance of restrooms in restaurants

Going out to lunch or dinner at a restaurant can be a real experience. In fact, there are people who travel the world visiting the most outstanding restaurants in each area. It is not easy at all to find a restaurant that you love, and if you have found it, you will know of the dedication that the owners have to put to maintain their business. But like everything in life, the important thing is the details, and there are many restaurants where the amount of detail makes you feel a rewarding experience.

That is what I call immaterial characteristics. There is also the other side of the coin, there are restaurants that neglect important elements that do not allow you to feel comfortable in the restaurant. In this article we are going to talk about restrooms in restaurants. We are going to talk a little about the legal requirements that every bathroom must have (pay attention to the warnings that we will make about the different regulations), as well as the small details that some are overlooked, and others make them cry with grief. We will start by talking about the technical characteristics that every bathroom must have in a restaurant.

Well, we are going to make a very important warning, since in each locality there are different regulations, and therefore the General Urban Planning Plan of each municipality must be looked at. Almost all of them are very similar and the data that we are going to provide can be used for 90% of the municipalities, but it is always better to make sure that the data coincide so as not to be surprised.

The number of bathrooms depends on the capacity of the premises, therefore, up to 50 people capacity must have a sink and two cabins, from 51 to 150 people must have two sinks and four cabins, and from 151 to 300 people must have 2 toilets and 6 cabins. The cabins are the individual spaces where the toilet is located.

To enter the toilet register, you must enter through a previous lobby, as an indirect entry. It is important to note that each cabin must have individualized ventilation, which can be natural or forced to the outside through a conduit to the outside. This is usually achieved by introducing zenith extractors. Finally, it is important that air enters the toilet enclosure, therefore, it will be necessary to place grates on the doors.

The details in the bathrooms make the difference What I call small details is a way of saying that the bathrooms have to be clean and ready for the use of customers. I know that in long services such as banquets or communions, the bathrooms deteriorate from use. But it cannot be that on normal days the bathroom is not clean, because that makes customers not comfortable in our business, and we do not want that. Leaving aside the not unimportant issue of cleanliness, there is the issue of design. The design interior and decoration is an art, and not much to say that a good decoration attract customers. The reception, the restaurant room and the toilets are the most important areas, and you have to pay close attention to these places. For example, in bathrooms one of the elements that wears the most is the toilet seat, because they tend to have intensive use. I have come to see how some restaurants removed the covers from the men’s bathroom, this cannot be done since it gives an image that the spaces are not taken care of.

In addition, nowadays there are companies like that offer toilet seats of all models of toilet, in fact, you can find spare parts from discontinued series. These toilet seats fit perfectly regardless of the manufacturer, plus different finishes are offered. These parts will fit perfectly as they are 100% adaptable. And specifically, this company offers decorated and original toilet covers that can be adapted to any toilet. In conclusion, there are no excuses for not having nice bathrooms in restaurants.