South Fence Passage From Shoreline & Ruined House Fence Extraction – Upto Svetliy Dead End

The Southern Russian Black Sea coast has some excellent opportunities for diving from the shoreline in the region of Tarkov, Ukraine. One section of beach, called Beach Road, has been completely reconstructed as a fully-serviceable holiday resort and the access is by boat. A similar sanded beach section is also available to access with your own vessel. The whole area is patrolled daily by a helicopter and a dredging barge is on hand to clear away any weeds or rubbish in the area.

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Beach Road is close to a popular resort called Beach Hotel. This popular resort offers accommodation and facilities to help get to the southern part of the Sea of Black Sea. The resort itself is on a busy road right next to the beach and is often called Tarkov’s answer to Cape Town. There are several sailing pubs and a restaurant that offers delicious seafood. It also has a small pier, plus some mini shops and bars.

Just off shore, you will find some isolated bays and the waters offshore are not as wide and deep as those of the mainland. The most accessible areas remain bays at Strychnos, Tsitsibeisk and Oktana near Pochtitlin Bay. These bays provide excellent places to dive and snorkel while you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area. If you are fortunate enough to come across one of the passages that lead directly onto the beach, it is likely to be clear water, with rocky protrusions and perhaps an underwater rock ledge.

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In some cases, there will be only shallow pools and you will need to use a wetsuit if you want to venture further into the water. The currents can be strong and you could end up being carried out to sea. If you see a jelly fish swimming by, it is probably safe to stay where you are because jelly fish do not normally go into the deeper parts of the water. A visit to the village of Kemer on the other hand could be the starting point of a wonderful underwater adventure.

The most popular beaches in Tarkov remain Pankov, Shepnyits, Tsitsibeisk and Oktana. All have different access points from the main part of the beach. If you are staying at a hotel with swimming pool access, you may want to explore the shoreline before your evening tea. You may spot some pelicans nesting on the rocks or an eagle flying around. Alternatively, you can just lounge in the sun on one of the many loungers on the shoreline. If you like a more active activity, try jet skiing, windsurfing or parasailing.

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If you love the sound of water crashing onto rocks and into the ocean, try a day of windsurfing or kite surfing during your stay at the beach. This passage is also perfect for people who like to fish. Many restaurants are located at the shoreline and you can catch some great fish. Alternatively, you can just sit on the rocks on the beach and listen to the waves crash onto the rocks.

If you are into swimming, then you will love the south Tarkov Beaches. There are several bays with fine beaches, which are usually less crowded during the summer months. There is also a stretch of beautiful white sand on the shoreline. These bays are not as crowded as Oktana, but they still have a few clubs, restaurants and other attractions such as water sports stores.

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In summer, there are two bays on the south shore that become very popular, especially with the kids. These are Krasnyi and Oktana Beaches. They each have a different theme such as an amusement park, waterpark, water wave and even a beach bar. So if you want to relax with your family, then these beaches are the ones for you. The prices are reasonable as well.