Sheep Stuck in Fence Now What to do!!!

It happened to many of us at some time – you get that sheep stuck in the fence, your first thought is to try and free it by pulling hard on the chain or other methods such as a rope. However, if you are not careful, you could damage the sheep and worse yet, hurt the owner as well! There are a number of things you can do to remove a sheep stuck in a fence. However, there is one method which is quite effective 

First of all, try not to panic as sheep are quite resilient animals and they can be freed easily if you use the right methods and techniques. To release the sheep stuck in the fence, you need to prepare for the worst as the first thing you will have to do is to put on your boots! This is important as there is nothing worse than seeing your sheep stuck in a fence especially if it happens to be one way up.

If there was no visible way to get the sheep stuck, there is still a way to rescue them. In order to do this, you will have to make use of YouTube videos. In fact, you may actually find videos from people who have tried to free sheep stuck in fences. You can start by searching for videos about putting up fences or, better yet, search for videos about driving through a fence. This should give you many results where you can watch someone getting their sheep stuck in fences.

You will, however, be disappointed with the videos you find because they are not of very high quality. Probably the most you will be able to see in the video will be the sheep’s feet and maybe the tail. As you do not want to take the risk of driving along a fence and damaging it, you will have to settle for watching someone else do the job. Luckily, there are many YouTube members who are willing to help out by driving around the area looking for the best spot to drive through.

When you decide which part of the fence to drive on, try to think if you might be able to drive your sheep out. It would be a good idea to check for rocks or anything that you could shove your sheep over. As you drive along, look for places where your sheep might be stuck. Try to observe closely whether or not your sheep are able to get out. It is important to observe until you decide where to move your sheep that is not close to a fence.

The most common way to drive a sheep out of a fence is by pushing it against the side of it. Try to do this slowly and in a controlled manner. Let your sheep out slowly and surely. Once you have them out, you will need to keep them safe. Do not let your sheep graze out and look around.

There may be times when your sheep wander out of the area you have pointed them to. Do not push them too hard, as they may become scared and go in another direction. This can happen when they see other goats. You can talk to them gently while reassuring them. Let them know that this is an important procedure and that they will be safe.

A very easy way to get your sheep unstuck is to use treats. Have treats close to a fence where your sheep are. Your sheep will get excited when they see the treat. Just stand there with the treat in one hand and the sheep in the other. The visual stimulation will help your sheep to relax and feel secure when they are stuck in the fence.