Easy Tips How To Clean A Bong Without Alcohol

Cleanness is very important for all of us if we keep everything clean and fresh around us. Then no harmful disease will spread and it will keep us healthy and disease-free for all time.

But sometimes it is not easy to clean some little things. There in the market so many products remain available which use to clean everything but these products, but cannot give a good response as alcohol does.

hydrogen peroxide to clean bong

Some people do not like to clean things with alcohol. Then there are some tips which you can use at your home to clean your things without alcohol.

Here discussed some tips about “how to clean a bong without alcohol”.

These tips are useful to clean bong and all these cleaning items you can make at your home without any such cost.

Before starting a discussion about the bong cleaning method, we have to know that what is Bong? and also know the use of the bong.

What Is Bong?

In simple and short words, we can say that a bong is just like a filtration device that is used for smoking cannabis and some other herbal substances.

now where could my pipe be

Mostly it is used in some smoking devices which works as a filter and is attached to the lower part. Bong is used for different purposes so we can say that it is legal in some places and also illegal.

We use the bong for a long time so it is very important to keep it clean here discussed some easy tips to keep the bong clean.

How To Clean A Dab Rig Without Alcohol

how to clean glass pipe

  • The first and the effective method is, you have to remove your bong from the attached part. Then take some boiled water after that take a cup of lemon juice. Fill the bong with boiled water and lemon juice. Cover all opening parts of a bong with paper then shake it very well. Then keep it for some time then remove out water. Now your bong is very clean and fresh you can use it again.
  • There in the market, we can see some of the bongs are made from silicon. So we can also clean them without alcohol, remove your silicon bong pie. And then keep it for a freeze. Freeze it for 24 hours, the freezing method will fix all the resins. And when you wash it in the morning then all the impurities will be removed and it will become clean.
  • This method is very effective and a natural way to clean bong without too much effort. You just take vinegar in a little amount to make a paste. Then rub it inside and outside the bong with a toothbrush. Keep it for two and three minutes after that clean it with warm water. This method will take you five minutes to keep clean your bong.
  • This is the method of keeping clean your bong using baking soda and vinegar. You just have to take 15-gram soda and 40-gram vinegar. Make a liquid paste fill your bong with this paste and shake it for some time. Then keep it in a warm place for 15 minutes then clean it from warm water, it will become clean and fresh to use.

Natural Ways to keep bong Glass Pipe clean:

These all are some effective and natural ways to keep a bong clean without alcohol, nowhere suggested some points why we should keep bong clean and what are the causes when we clean a bong with chemicals.

can you use hydrogen peroxide to clean a bong

  • Some people clean bong with isopropyl alcohol which is not good because some smokers use bong immediately after clean with alcohol which is very harmful to the lungs and other parts of the body.
  • Acetone is also a cleaning agent for bongs but when you use acetone to clean a bong, we have to be careful, this is a very toxic material and also too much harmful for the heart and eyes. Acetone is also harmful to the skin and some private areas so we have to be careful about this bong cleaning agent.