Gulf Synthetics Deck Revive Reviews – Updated 2021

Gulf Synthetics is the number one provider of premium deck and patio furnishings in the US. Their products are crafted from the finest materials, with solid construction and modern styling. The secret to their success lies in their attention to detail and the knowledge they have gained from 40 years of experience in the industry. Their professional designers are committed to designing products that are not only convenient and durable, but also sophisticated and stylish.

gulf synthetics deck revive

Deck Revive By Gulf Synthetics

Gulf Synthetics has put together a kit that is sure to bring your deck back to life i.e Deck revive kit. It is synthetic deck cleaner that can be used at home by anyone. This is a water based cleaner that can be used on any surface, it is easy to use and safe to use.

You don’t have to worry about any harmful fumes or residues that may damage your deck or your family. It is environmentally safe and will not damage your deck surfaces. You can easily clean and restore your deck surfaces with this easy to use deck revive.

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Why Use Deck Revive

A deck revival kit is a collection of products that are used to restore the wood on a deck, preserving its original look and color. A deck is a large structure, with lots of surfaces that are prone to damage.

The surface is most prone to damage from UV rays from the sun. Sunlight is one of the most common culprits of a deck’s fading. If left untreated, a deck will fade away slowly. Over time, the wood will develop a gray or grayish brown tint. This trend can be reversed with the help of a deck revival kit.

The products included in a deck revival kit are specifically made to restore the color of wood and protect against damage.

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Where To Use Deck Revive

Deck revive by gulf synthetics work on all kinds of wood decking including cedar, redwood, and other types of pressure treated wood.
The kit includes a complete, easy to follow step by step solution manual, and a small selection of tools you will need to get started.
The deck revive kit gives you the ability to remove those unsightly water stains from your deck boards, or the deck railings, and bring them back to their original color.

What’s Included In The Deck Revive Kit

The kit comes with everything you need to make your deck look as good as new:

  • A gallon of deck revive stain.
  • A gallon of deck brightener.
  • A microfiber cloth.
  • A foam brush

gulf synthetics deck revive reviews

How To Use Deck Revive

The first step is to clean and strip the deck. The deck revive kit includes a 5-gallon bottle of deck revive cleaner, which is an all natural scrubbing, cleaning, and stripping solution that contains no harsh chemicals.

The deck revive cleaner also contains a special bio-enzymatic solution that breaks down organic and inorganic compounds on the surface, making it safe to use on any kind of surface and for any kind of project.

To strip the deck, you spray the deck revive cleaner directly onto the surface, and then with a deck brush scrub the entire surface of the deck to loosen the dirt. Then use pressure washer to spray the deck clean. You can also use a brush to scrub the wood. You may need to repeat the process a few times for dark, old or dirty stains. This is the best way (in our opinion) to restore the wood to its original color.