Expanding Foam vs Concrete Fence Post – Which is Better for you

If you’re going to build a fence, you’re going to need fence posts. Fence posts support the fence, and keep the fence from falling over. Post can be made out of wood, plastic, or metal. Post made from wood rot over time, and are more expensive than posts made from plastic or metal.

Both metal and plastic posts cost less than wooden posts, and will last much longer. Metal posts are more expensive than plastic, but are also stronger and more durable. Concrete is the most common building material, but it’s heavy and expensive, so fence posts are often made of lighter materials like wood, which can be more affordable and easier to install.

However, wood posts sometimes rot and warp as they age, and they can be vulnerable to animals like squirrels. To provide extra support, many homeowners choose to install metal posts in their fences instead. While metal posts are more durable than wooden ones, they’re prohibitively expensive and difficult to install.

expanding foam concrete

Expanding foam is an inexpensive alternative that provides a similar solution, and it’s also easier to work with.
benefitsConcrete fence posts have many benefits over traditional wood posts, such as durability and strength, but concrete also has a weakness: it’s brittle.

The biggest risk to concrete posts is cracking, which can occur if the posts are driven too deep into the ground during installation or if they receive heavy blows, such as if an object falls onto the posts. Concrete posts are most susceptible to cracking when they are supporting a heavy object, such as a fence, because the weight of the object puts pressure on the post.

While a concrete fence post can seem the easy choice when you are installing a fence, it does have its drawbacks. They can be heavy and difficult to install. If you have ever installed a concrete fence post, you know what we mean when we say they can be heavy and difficult to install.

expanding concrete foam

They are also permanent. You will not be able to move them once they are in the ground. Foam posts are much easier to install and you can easily move them from place to place. They are also lighter than concrete posts.

Which One to Choose

When you are considering building a fence in an area of your yard that has curves or other odd angles, you might be wondering if it is worth it to use concrete or if extruded foam can be an effective alternative. While concrete might seem like the better option because it is heavy and can stand up to cold weather, it does not bend or flex in any way.

If the fence needs to curve in any way, you will have to install posts as you go, which can be more expensive than using foam.

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Expanding foam has some clear advantages over concrete post, among these are less weight, they are significantly shorter, and they are easier to split and move. The expanding foam does deteriorate over time, however, so it should be used in short fence posts.

The foam should be protected from the weather by a layer of hard plastic, but, unlike concrete, it will not need to be caked with gravel.

Most Important Final Conclusion

Expanding foam is a chemical that rapidly expands and solidifies into a foam formation, and it’s typically used in construction and repair to fill cracks, holes, and gaps.

It’s super lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and cut into place. It’s also easy to apply, non-toxic, and although it takes up to 24 hours to cure, it’s best to do this in a well-ventilated area, since it is a chemical.

Concrete is often used in construction to create various types of structures, including the fence posts that hold up wooden fences. It’s heavy, hard, and takes time to dry, so it’s best to apply