Cost To Build A Pergola

A pergola is a covered, open-air structure with a roof that is supported by columns or posts, and typically located in gardens or parks.

Because pergolas are often built in gardens, they add aesthetic value and enjoyment to the space, and can increase your living space as well as add protection from the elements.

do it yourself pergola canopy

Before building a pergola, you need to know the cost of materials and the cost of labor.

The project also requires detailed planning and a lot of careful measuring to ensure the pergola is built to fit the space and to ensure it looks good once completed.

The cost of materials for a pergola depends on size, style, materials and other variables.

However, a pergola is typically built using pressure-treated lumber, and you can buy pressure-treated lumber in 20- by 10-foot sheets from a local lumberyard or home improvement store.