The Badlion Minecraft Community Client is a free, open-source game client for Minecraft and other games. Badlion offers many features that are not available in the default Java-based game clients, such as custom HUDs, server hosting, and plugins.

Badlion also has a plugin API that allows players to create their plugins with JavaScript or Lua scripting languages. Badlion offers by going over some of its best features!

What is the Badlion Minecraft Community Client

  • Badlion has a plugin API and custom HUDs for players to create their plugins with JavaScript or Lua scripting languages.
  • Badlion also offers many features that are not available in the default Java game clients, such as server hosting, an active community of developers, and more! –
  • The Badlion Minecraft Community Client is a free, open-source game client designed for games like Minecraft, but it can also be used on other games. It comes with quite a few handy features, which we’ll explore below:
  • The Badlion application provides its users with powerful customization tools, including plugins; multiplayer options, and security settings (e.g., password, etc.)
  • It also supports Bukkit, Spigot, Forge Mod Loaders, as well as many others.

The Badlion Minecraft Community Client is one of the most popular game clients today. It provides players with powerful customization options such as customizable controls, server hosting functions (including setting up passwords), and more.

Why Should I Use It?

The Badlion Minecraft Community Client is an excellent choice for many players, especially those looking to customize controls and features.

It also offers all of the following options: server hosting with password and other security settings (e.g., username), plugins, as well as support for Bukkit, Spigot, Forge Mod Loaders – meaning that will allow you to find and interact with gamers from all over the world!

If you need powerful customization tools such as customizable keyboard shortcuts or are interested in setting up mod packs on Badlion’s servers, then Badlion might be right for you.

How do I Set Up My Account

Badlion accounts are free and require a username (that can be changed by contacting the Badlion team) as well as an email address. You’re then asked to choose your desired password – this will allow you to access Badlion’s servers easily!

How Does it Work?

BadLion is designed for server hosts that want more control over their Minecraft community experience. The BadLion Client offers many powerful features such as advanced user management, controls customization, an in-game rank system with permissions per rank.

Plugin support via Bukkit/Spigot API or Forge Mod Loader compatible plugins; easy integration of custom skin and sounds from third-party providers like Curse Voice, Soundpack Master, Skin Converter, or Minecraft-MP.

BadLion Client connects to BadLions servers on port 23966. You can make this connection by using Badlion’s built-in server list or your own established connection settings from another service provider such as MCPVP.

All of the content you see when connecting with Badlion is customizable – right down to what players spawn and wear upon entering a game!

The BadLion Client runs on Windows, Mac OSX (via Bootcamp), Linux Ubuntu 14+, iOS devices running at least iOS 11+, and Android devices running at least Oreo (“Android Pie”).

There are no known plans for future support for consoles like Xbox One/PSP Pro. But badlion maybe does not make promises that they won’t support it in the future.

BadLion Client also does not have any plans for hardware such as tablets and phones but these devices can still run Badlion through the Badlion website or on a PC/Mac with Android emulation software like Bluestacks.

Download links are available for both Windows and Mac versions of the client. It can be found here:

For Badlion on iOS, download the latest version of BadLion for your device from the App Store.
Android devices running Oreo (“Android Pie”) can download and install Badlion through the Google Play store.

If you are in another country or region that is not supported by either of these stores, then please email [email protected] to inquire about other methods available to you!

If a new client update becomes available overnight/weekend while playing with BadLion on Windows or MacOSX via BootCamp, don’t worry if it does not automatically restart.

The Bottom Line:

Badlion Minecraft community client is a great way to play on Badlion servers. The Badlion team has made the client for Windows and Mac, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues!
In this guide, We hope. You enjoy all of the features that come with it.