Hellsing Vs Hellsing Ultimate – Difference Between Hellsing and Ultimate Hellsing With Review 2021

A myriad of new anime titles are released every year in Japan. A significant part of them is unlikely to arouse interest in any sophisticated viewer. Some titles turn out to be good enough to be happy to watch once and then successfully forget about them. Some turn out to be so good that you want to revise them repeatedly, each time finding new qualities in them.

And some, extremely rare titles, in one way or another, turn out to be so unique that they radically change the structure of the anime industry and lay the fashion for new trends and genres (while they do not always turn out to be first-class). This is one of them. I want to tell you about a remake of one of the first notable vampire anime called Hellsing , which laid the vampire-themed fashion at the beginning of the 2000s.

This will be a review on the anime Hellsing Ultimate (“Hellsing OVA “, ” HELLSING OVA “) .

hellsing vs hellsing ultimate

what is Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate is a vampire anime series produced by Satelight (1-4 episodes), Madhouse (5-7 episodes) , and Graphinica (8-10 episodes) from 2006 to 2012. The series consists of ten episodes, each approximately fifty minutes long. The script is based on a manga by Kouta Hirano . the chronology of events, I will conduct a short excursion.

Hellsingwas the first truly successful manga of Kota Hirano – before that he had several projects, but they can hardly be called successful. In 1997, his potential was finally noticed, and Hellsing began publishing in the Japanese magazine Young King OURs , where it continued until the manga was completed in 2008.

The manga proved to be popular, often featured in the top sellers, it was published in many countries around the world, and is considered by critics to be one of the best works on vampire themes. Then, in 2001-2002, there was the first anime adaptation called Hellsing , created by studio Gonzo, which was one of the leading studios in those years.

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Everything would be fine, but at the time of the creation of the series, the manga was only partially released, it was still far from its completion, and Kota Hirano himself practically did not participate in the creation of the anime adaptation. The writers had to improvise, so as a result, the anime only follows the plot of the manga at first, and then cardinal differences begin.

Despite this, the anime also received good reviews from critics and the love of the audience – the vampire theme in the anime industry of those years was unfinished, so people were happy to get to know it. However, as the years passed, the manga was released, and the strong differences in the storylines became obvious, so the decision was made to create another adaptation based on the same material.

In Japan, it is usually called the HELLSING OVA., and in the West Hellsing Ultimate . We’ll talk about it now. The plot of Hellsing Ultimate is much closer to the manga than the first anime adaptation. In addition, Kota Hirano himself participated in its creation. As a result, the first Hellsing Ultimate series was released in 2006, and the last in 2012. Here’s an interesting story.

difference between hellsing ultimate and hellsing

Events Hellsing takes place in a world where vampires are not characters from the children’s horror stories, but it is a harsh reality. Here and there in the UK there are rumors of brutal murders committed by terrible night monsters who drink blood and turn people into bloodthirsty, very strong, mindless ghouls, driven by instincts alone. Ordinary people cannot cope with such opponents.

However, those who are able to challenge the monstrous evil remained in the world. One of these daredevils who devoted their lives to fighting vampires was the aristocrat Integral Farbrook Wingates Hellsing.at the head of the Hellsing organization. An organization whose main task is the ruthless destruction of evil spirits.

Integra has sufficient funds to support an entire army of mercenaries, but the main strength of her organization lies not in endless resources, but in the supreme vampire Alucard , who faithfully serves the organization and ruthlessly exterminates members of his kind. Why? What for? Unknown. It is only known that the murder process gives him considerable pleasure.

hellsing unlimited

Soon, Alucard will have another opportunity to show himself in all its glory and shed rivers of blood, because a powerful enemy is moving to Great Britain, and throughout Europe, about whose existence mankind has already forgotten …

Characters of Hellsing Ultimate

The main role of Hellsing Ultimate is played by the star of this show named Alucard , aka Dracula on the contrary. The most pompous vampire in a red dress from Valentin Yudashkin, luxurious yellow glasses from John Lennon and a fashionable hat from his grandmother, who mercilessly cracks down on his kindred bloodsuckers.

Alucard is a typical representative of the super-strong class of heroes so popular in modern anime realities (there are a lot of examples, but the first to come to mind are Saitama from One Punch Man and Momonga from Overlord), but not very common ten years ago.

incognito hellsing

And, I must say, I do not see any problems in this – the image of the invincible supermonster fits perfectly into the pretentious, bloodthirsty story of Hellsing, in which power triumphs in the first place. In addition, Alucard is difficult to call a goodie, considering how many innocent people he kills throughout the series.


HELLSING OVA is JoJo from the world of vampire horror films. This is an anime in which the advantages and disadvantages were so pronounced that the audience was divided into two opposing camps:

The first extols the title for its gloomy atmosphere, a sea of ​​blood, high-quality drawing, beautiful music and harmonious pathos, and the second criticizes it for its extremely leaky plot. silly characters, very slow pace of storytelling and mediocre humor.