Top 4 decklists of grand prix milwaukee – How to Play

Grand Prix Milwaukee is a city-wide auto show showcasing special-interest vehicles and activities. It’s one of the most popular auto shows in the country and draws in people from all over the city, although the majority of visitors happen to be from Milwaukee.

If you are visiting Milwaukee, at any time of the year, planning to stay a few days and love cars and auto shows, then you might want to plan a trip around Grand Prix Milwaukee. For the first time ever, Magic: The Gathering’s pro game is coming to Wisconsin.

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The first Pro Tour in Milwaukee, Grand Prix Milwaukee, is fast approaching. In preparation for the event, the pros have been testing their mettle against some of the toughest competition in the world. The results are in, and now it’s your turn to see where the metagame is headed.

Do you have what it takes to compete with the best? Or will you be crushed under a bed of Eldrazi?

Top 4 decklists of grand prix milwaukee

Grand Prix Milwaukee brought us a diverse metagame, with 6 different decks being played in the Top 8, including one non-blue deck in the finals.

Overall, the winning decklists were quite similar, but there were still some interesting differences. Let’s take a look at them:

Isaak kraut’s jeskai control of grand prix milwaukee

In the first round, Kraut was forced to fend off an early attack by the player across from him, and he was unable to do so effectively. It was an early taste of the power of the total-deck-discard spells like .

My opponent had a in his deck, and that card was game over, Kraut said. “So I knew I had to play, like, five copies of that card in my deck.

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In the second match, however, Kraut was in control of the match from the beginning, at one point going up to thirteen cards in hand with a looming. (He would later draw into a to win the game.)

Jacob tilk’s mono white aggro of grand prix milwaukee

Jacoby Tilk’s Mono White Aggro at Grand Prix Milwaukee is a non-budget deck. The Estimated Cost of the Deck is $320.

Jacoby Tilk’s Mono White Aggro at Grand Prix Milwaukee is a deck. The deck can be built in many ways. The deck is a good deck for a FNM Standard Tournament.

Owen turtenwald’s izzet drakes of grand prix milwaukee

Izet drakes is a great deck to play in a format. It has game against basically every deck, and it can be built in a lot of different ways.

Owen Turtenwald’s list from Grand Prix Milwaukee this past weekend was not the first time we’ve seen izet drakes in the top 8 of a premier event, but it’s by far the most interesting.

Grand Prix Milwaukee

One of the biggest challenges of gearing your deck up to beat the current field is figuring out how you’re going to beat the top decks—which in this case means beating naya human delver and delver variants, as well as jund, which has been seeing a resurgence following the banning.

Golgari midrange of grand prix milwaukee

For the third Grand Prix in a row seth manfield has managed to pull off an impressive run into the top8. Although his deck of choice was not teched against the field, it was a deck he had been familiar with for a long time.

In this article we explain why manfield’s deck choices paid off and give you a run down of the choices he made. Series Intro: We like to explain how professional players play the deck they qualified and ended up winning with.