How To Get Lower Car Insurance Premiums

Getting Car Insurance Can Be Quite Daunting. The More You Know About A Vehicle, The More Quotes You Will Get. To Make The Process Of Obtaining A Car Quote Go Smoothly, Have This Information At Hand:

Personal Information: Name Of The Insured. Date Of Birth. Age. Address. Occupation


The Age, Model, And Year Of The Vehicle To Be Insured. The Most Important Piece Of Information To Include When Getting Car Insurance Is The Type Of Vehicle. Liability Insurance Is Required If You Are Under Twenty-five Years Old. If You Are Under Sixteen Years Old, Liability Only Coverage Is Required. These Laws Vary From State To State. In General, The More Expensive Your Vehicle Is, The Higher Your Premium Will Be.

Safety Training:

New Drivers Are Often Viewed With Some Skepticism By Insurance Companies. But This Should Not Fool You. Insurance Companies Realize That New Drivers Are More Likely To Make An Automobile Accident Because They Lack Experience. They Are Inexperienced, And As Such, They Are More Likely To Take Risks Than Older, More Experienced Drivers. A New Driver Who Obtains Insurance Premiums At The Best Rates Is Usually A Safe Driver Who Has Taken Advanced Driver Safety Training.

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A Deductible Is The Amount That You Pay Upfront Before The Insurer Pays The Rest. This Reduces Your Premium Payments Each Month. Your Rate Will Increase At The Higher Of Your Deductible Amounts. Getting Car Insurance At A Lower Deductible Reduces Your Monthly Payments. Deductible Amounts Begin At Zero Dollars. There Are A Few Ways To Increase Your Deductible For First Time Car Insurance Buyers.

Outstanding Driving Record:

All New Drivers Must Maintain A Good Driving History. You Can Take An Approved Driver’s Safety Course To Boost Your Credit Rating. Or You Could Ask An Insurance Agent To Put You On Their Credit-monitoring Program So That You Will Be Automatically Approved For Discounts. Either Way, Getting Car Insurance At A Good Price Will Help You Get Inexpensive First Time Driver Discounts.

Vehicle Information:

Before Insuring Your Vehicle, The Insurance Company Will Ask For Information About Your Vehicle. They Will Want To Know The Make, Model, Year, And Safety Features. They Will Also Want To Know Where You Live, How Long You Have Been Driving, And Whether Or Not You Have Had A Claim. The More Information You Provide, The Easier It Is For The Insurance Company To Determine Your Likely Risk.

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Vehicle Identification Number (Vin):

This Is A Seven-digit Number That Appears On The Left Side Of Your Vehicle. Insurance Companies Use Vin Numbers To Figure Out The Likelihood That You Will Be In An Accident. If You Do Not Have An Address For Your Vehicle Identification Number (Pin), Then You Are At A High Risk For Being In An Accident. To Get Car Insurance At A Low Rate, Get The Vin Number And Purchase A Car With Safety Features Such As Airbags And Anti-lock Brakes. Drive A Safe Vehicle. Avoid Accidents.

Driving Record:

As Mentioned Earlier, This Is One Of The Main Factors In Determining How Much You Will Pay For Auto Insurance Policy. The Majority Of Auto Insurance Policies Come With A Standard Limit Of Liability. The Limit Of Liability Includes Bodily Injury, Property Damage, And Medical Payments. The Higher Your Limit, The Lower Your Premium Cost. It Is Important To Maintain Excellent Driving Records.

Speeding Tickets Or Accidents:

The Level Of Risk For These Varies Based On The Type Of Vehicle You Are Driving. If You Are Driving An Older Vehicle, Chances Are You Will Have A Higher Insurance Premium. This Is Due To The Older Vehicles Are Less Efficient And Can Get Into More Accidents Than Newer Cars. If You Do Not Have Good Driving Record And Have Speeding Tickets Or Accidents, You Can Still Get Car Insurance.

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Collision/ Comprehensive Coverage:

Most Auto Insurance Companies Require You To Carry Collision/ Comprehensive Coverage. This Type Of Coverage Protects Against Any Damages That Happen To Your Vehicle In An Accident. The Deductible Is The Amount That You Will Have To Pay If You Get Into An Accident. The Higher The Deductible, The Lower Your Car Insurance Premium Will Be. If You Want To Save Money On Your Insurance Premiums, Make Sure That You Set The Deductible At The Lowest Amount Possible.


There Are Several Discounts Available From Various Insurance Companies. The Discounts Offered By Insurers Depend On The Age, Gender, Marital Status, Driving History, Credit History, And More. Check With Your Insurer To Find Out What Discounts They Offer. Most Importantly, Do Not Lie About Your Age Or Personal Information. Liability Coverage And Proof Of Financial Responsibility Are The Two Types Of Discounts Available From Most Insurers.