Prefab Modular Homes – Construction, Cost, Pros & Cons

Modular homes are building blocks that are placed to make a home. The prefab homes are made in factories, keeping mind all the regulations related to housing and construction codes. These homes have concrete foundation, the parts are shipped to the site and then assembled by the installation experts or construction companies.

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Let’s Understand The Looks Of A Modular Prefab Homes

Modular prefab homes Melbourne looks like your dream home. They are customizable and you can design your home as per your preferences. The manufacturers have architects and designers, and you can discuss your needs with their designers. Based on that they provide you suggestions and once you and the architect are on the common ground, just like the traditional homes, a blueprint is made of your modular house.

Based on the local rules of the state for housing, the architects plan the house for you, and they will help you to get the required permits from the local municipality. These houses are available in different sizes, and you can choose the best one based on the size of your family.

Advantages of modular prefab homes Melbourne:

Builds Faster:

The modular prefab homes Melbourne is manufactured in factories. So, you do not have to worry about buying the materials and wait for them to get delivered at site. The assembly of the house requires very a smaller number of labors. The manufacturing of the house does not get affected by weather conditions. In the case of traditional construction process, you need to wait for a year or more, and you need to bear the pain of paying extra charges for material wastage. You can save your cost and time by choosing prefab homes.

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Superior Quality:

The modular prefab homes Melbourne is made from the best quality materials. The manufacturers do not compromise with the quality of the materials. They have to pass the inspection tests conducted by the officials to maintain the safety guidelines. These homes have to be transported from the factory to your land, and they are tough enough to withstand the external impact during their transition.

Environmentally Responsible

Whenever you build a traditional home you order materials that is required for the construction, but what happens to the reaming materials? Obviously, they go in trash. This causes wastage. Whereas in modular prefab home Melbourne, the excess materials are used in the construction of other homes. Once the construction is done, it is only then transported to you it also helps in reducing the carbon emission.

Now It’s Time To Look At The Disadvantages Too


In order for you to have a modular prefab homes Melbourne, you need to purchase a land. In order for you to find the perfect land, take the help of local agent and tell them about your modular home, because you will not be allowed to install prefab homes in some locations. If the local laws allow modular homes, then the agent can help you get the land.

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The cost of constructing a modular prefab homes Melbourne is cheaper than the traditional homes but this cost does not involve the other factors like plumbing, electrical system, ducting, land inspection, concrete foundation, other appliances, furnishings etc. you will have to employ a plumber, electrician to do these jobs for you. Else, you can tell your manufacturer to install these things.

Modular prefab homes Melbourne has a tag attached to them, most people think that modular homes and mobile homes are one and the same. They do not know the difference hence are skeptic when it comes to purchasing a modular home. You need an expert real estate agent who has knowledge to answer any questions related to modular homes.