6 tricks to get more light in a dark floor or interior

Still, even in these cases, all is not lost.

Playing properly with the decorative elements of your home can earn you a good amount of extra light. Do you want to know how?

Take note of the following visual tricks:


1. Distribute your interiors without obstructing the passage of light

Distribute your interiors without obstructing the passage of light

Take into account where the light enters the house and which path it follows, and try to avoid all the difficulties that block the path to each room. Any bulky furniture, door, fabric or decorative object may be truncating the arrival of light to other points , so you will have to separate them, stick them to the walls, choose low and less bulky furniture. The same happens with curtains: avoid them in a dark house , or choose materials that are as thin and light as possible, that allow a greater passage of light.

2. Eliminate the doors you can

Obviously, this will not be feasible in areas such as the toilet. But if you live alone or as a couple, perhaps you can do without doors that separate the living room or bedroom from other environments, letting the sun’s rays pass through to them.

Eliminate the doors you can

3. White, I want you white

It is the right color for dark homes, since it reflects up to 80% of the light it receives (especially if it is bright, and not matt). Both the painting of furniture and surfaces such as walls, even kitchen coverings, must be white if you want this effect to illuminate your entire house.

Choose pure white water-based plastic paint . Keep in mind that there are some types of paint specially designed to reflect even more light than traditional composites.

If you also opt for a light floor , such as poplar wood, maple, European maple, American ash or white beech, all the better.

White, I want you white

4. Mirrors: the almond trick

Few solutions will surprise you as much as this:

And, as we tell you in the link of this tweet, there are 6 perfect formulas to radically improve the decoration of your home thanks to a change as fast, cheap and attractive as the inclusion of a mirror .

From placing them on the walls, large or covering the entire surface, to facing them with luminous windows to multiply their natural light , going through combining them to create new luminous paths.

In addition, you will discover that mirrors are not only for bedrooms, dressing rooms or bathrooms. A mirror visually enlarges the space of any area , doubles the spatial perception of your entrance hall and can help illuminate and highlight special pieces in your living room.

And don’t just think about mirrors. You can also opt for shiny or chrome surfaces to enhance that reflection that spreads into other environments.

Mirrors the almond trick

5. Structural solutions: movable panels instead of walls

This solution requires a more complicated and expensive reform but, if possible thanks to your budget and the architecture of your residence, it can flood your home with the warm caress of the sun forever.

The same thing happens with another equally expensive but also very effective solution: enlarge your windows through work. This can be done even on interior walls , which allow the passage of a room that faces the exterior to others that do not, transforming walls into windows that multiply the optical space and the passage of light.

A similar solution for small bathrooms is to transform walls into pavés , those crystals that let in light, but not shapes, protecting your privacy.

Roof windows and zenith windows

6. Roof windows and zenith windows

Perhaps the most expensive solution of all, suitable only for detached villas.

But it will manage to turn any room to the north into a bright room , opening the roof to place special windows in the ceiling that allow powerful, natural lighting and so ecological that it will save you a lot of money on electricity and heating during the day. Of course, keep in mind that the insulation characteristics of both glassware and carpentry must be excellent and very demanding , to combat the harshest moments of your climate.