Tips In Cleaning Your Car – Updated 2021

What do you use for sanitizing your car?

There are many products you can purchase, both at the local drug store and online. Most of them will clean the interior of your car. They may also have specific cleaners to clean your steering wheel, dashboard and seats. These cleaners will usually come in powder or liquid forms.

How do these products work in sanitizing your car?

When you add the proper amount of liquid or powder to the recommended amount of cleaner, you mix it up and apply it to the various surface areas. Some people suggest spraying the cleaner onto the surfaces to get a more thorough clean.

Other people say to simply wipe the cleaner on the surfaces to completely clean them and help prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. The process of adding the chemicals and cleaning them is similar to that of regular soap and water or other household cleaning supplies.

There are some differences though in the way these sanitizing products work. The following describes how each method of cleaning works. You dip a cotton ball into the sanitizing solution and then use your hands to “dust” the areas with it, such as your door handles and dashboard.
sanitizing your car
This is the most common method used for cleaning surfaces. If you have a hand sanitizer like Cetaphil and a bottle of rubbing alcohol, then you can also use that to do the job. After applying the sanitizing solution to the surfaces like seat belts, dashboards and door handles, you leave it until it has thoroughly soaked up the chemicals and the solution has dried up.

Then you take the bottle of alcohol and pour a small amount into one of your open bottles of water so that you have a small dose of sanitizing solution in the water. The solution needs to stay in the water for at least 60 minutes so that you can do a test to see if any of the germs are left after using your sanitizing products.

If the solution was successful, then you would repeat this process with the use of your hands. For the car, you would do the same thing as you did with the handles but you need to use a different cleaning method for the seatbelts and dashboards. To clean leather seats, you can take a clean soft towel and dip it into the sanitizing solution.
How To Clean & Disinfect Your Car
Next, put it on the seat and wipe it down using the towel. You should repeat this process until there are no more visible signs of bacteria. Next, you need to clean the exterior surfaces of your vehicle such as the steering wheel. You can make use of a detergent spray to clean the surfaces. You should only do this once or twice because if you leave the stains for too long, it will increase the rate of germs growing on the steering wheel.

To sanitize door handles and dashboard surfaces, you should first spray them with the cleaning solution and then let them dry. Then, you can wash them in the washing machine using hot water. After all the surfaces are already cleaned, you can store them in a sealed container to avoid having them become wet.

A good sanitizing spray for your car and for the door handles is also very essential so that you won’t have a hard time getting rid of the contaminated items. These tips are very useful especially if you are going to drive it somewhere and expect contamination from other people or from aerosols and cigarette smoke.