Some Essential Tools That Every Home Auto Repair Needs

Everyone knows that an auto shop is not complete without a couple of essential tools. However, the tools that you need are not just those that every car mechanic already owns. In fact, most of them are not even that common. There are some that every new car mechanic will need, but those two are not the only tools that a good mechanic will need.

Here is a list of other essential tools that every car repair shop will use.

Battery Carrier :-

A battery is one of the most important parts of an engine. Without it, there is no ignition and there will be no drive. The battery carrier is the device that holds the battery and protects it as well during repairs. A good battery carrier will cost more money, but it is also one of the most essential tools for every home car mechanic to own.

Air Compressor :-

The air compressor is used to increase the pressure of air and is often used to blow dust out of the air filter. This is especially true in the case of older model cars. An air compressor is also used to increase the flow of fuel to the engine at full capacity. This is what pumps the fuel into the engine. Air compressors can be used to increase the air pressure of tires and brakes quickly.

Impact Wrench :-

An impact wrench is not usually thought of as a tool for auto repair, but this little tool is actually very helpful in different cases. One example is when the valve to a car’s oil pan needs to be opened, but the wiper isn’t accessible. This requires the wrench to be used to remove the wiper from the valve. There are different types of impact wrenches available to buy depending on the type of repair being done. Some are made of rubber and have various types of grips to help you grip the tool.

Paint Marker :-

Used to mark cars with paint that has been peeled off. Auto body shops and garages often use this tool as well to cover areas that aren’t so perfect. They also make marking tools that can be used for paint matching and repairs. This is a valuable tool to have in your garage.

Air Ducts :-

This tool is often overlooked by people when they are looking for a repair. But the truth is this tool is very helpful and used by many mechanics. Basically it is used to repair the hoses that are connected to the tires and brakes. The air compressor is used to blow the air through the hose and into the tire. This is very helpful when performing tire and brake repair.
DIY Auto Repair Tools

Keychain Remover :-

A keychain remover is an inexpensive tool that is used to loosen broken locks. Most locks have a series of small keys that need to be put in different slots before the lock can be open. A keychain remover is a small and simple tool that will allow anyone to open a lock from the front without a key. This is a helpful tool for anyone who is going to a local auto repair and will need to be able to open the door without the key.

This is a tool that almost every mechanic should own to make their job easier. These are some of the more basic tools that can be purchased at a local hardware or auto parts store. However, there are many other tools out there that are just as important and only take a few minutes to purchase.

If you do not have any of these tools in your garage then consider taking some time and buying all of them. These tools can save you time and money whenever you perform an auto repair. If you feel comfortable picking out a few tools then go out and get them.